Neck Joint

Neck Joint Service:

Clothing retailers show their piece of garment products on the website of e-commerce. They mannequins to generate a hollow impact for the items like a suit, trousers, shirts, swimsuit & many more. It gives the items a spooky look. Hence, this service is frequently named as invisible mannequin service or ghost mannequin service. Some people utilize a removable or transparent mannequin to get a comparative impact. Yet, it does not give ideal output without post- handling & this is a costly procedure also. Consequently, a large number of photographers, e-commerce retailers, & agencies outsource the service neck joint to diminish time & cost. we also create neck mannequin.

Ghost Mannequin Service at MAX Clipping Path:

What is the neck joint?
While we eliminate the mannequin from the post-production, it makes clear space around the neck. The neck of the cloth material was behind the mannequin. In this way, eliminating the mannequin during altering makes this space. Our expert photo editors need the photo of the neck portion of the cloth separately to create the joint with this clear space. We can make a clipping path & furthermore apply various types of retouching methods like liquefy, shadow, & so on to create the picture naturally. we do neck joint photoshop.

Why neck joint service?
The service of the invisible mannequin is normally a broadly utilized effect for displaying garment products. If you need to add a spooky impact by eliminating the mannequin, then you require this service. We can also make 2D or 3D shapes of the item to give it a view of 360-degree. It produces an expert look to the item & makes it practical. An expert picture artist will moreover eliminate undesirable wrinkles & dust from the garment. He can also crop & resize the picture to make it ideal for the presentation. The bottom line is expanding the transformation and boosting your sales by a lucrative display of product.

Types of Ghost Mannequin Service:

• Neck joint on ghost - when a retouch works on the neck portion of the cloth & fill out the space that has been generated after eliminating the mannequin, we call it the service of the neck joint. It needs an independent picture of the neck part that requires to be joined to the original picture. we're providing the best ghost mannequin service.

• 3D mannequin effect - you may require to generate a 3D impact of the product for online display or animation video. An image editor requires pictures of the product from different angles & images from the missing portion. He then joins the neck, sleeve, or bottom whichever is important to generate a perfect image of 360-degree angle.

• Sleeve joint on ghost - while working on garment products like T-shirts, shirts, jackets, & many more that contain long sleeves, we may require to work on the sleeve after eliminating the mannequin. It generates a hollow space around the neck region that needs to be filled by professional image editors. They can eliminate the space by joining the sleeves that are taken from another to make it realistic.

• Bottom joint on ghost in this category of service, the picture editor works on the bottom portion of the garment to look at the blank space that has been generated after eliminating the mannequin. We use this type of service for garments that have an additional long tail like large T-shirts, & tuxedo.

Who Requires this Service?

Business owners of e-commerce who used to sell jewelry products & garments are regular users of this service. Publishers of the magazine & other printing materials also require to use the effect of a ghost mannequin while creatively presenting the pictures of garments. Besides, many advertisement agencies, & website publishers also require this service if they want to eliminate the mannequin before posting the picture of the garment. The service of the neck joint has a direct impact on the maximized rate of conversion.

How to Add an Invisible Mannequin Effect?

Background removal & all other unnecessary portions from the picture is the first thing we require to do for the service of the invisible mannequin. Hence, we require to generate a clipping path around the garment. We also generate required paths to eliminate unwanted parts inside the garment.

At the point when we are finished with the clipping path, we eliminate the background, undesirable, & dummy parts from the picture. The edges of the garment need to look sharp. Consequently, we apply a masking impact if it is required.

After eliminating the mannequin from the garment, it makes some space close to the neck, bottom, collar, & sleeve. In this manner, we require a couple of different photos of the garments from where we can pick the missing portions.

Presently, we occupy the vacant spaces by removing the required parts from the other suitable pictures. Finally, we add some shadow impacts close to the collar, & neck parts or where it is necessary. we give the last retouching before the submission of your work. We eliminate the undesirable dust, shrinkage, & check the dullness and angle to complete the work.

Advantages of Ghost Mannequin Service:

• In apparel photography, you require to apply this service to accomplish your objective of better transformation while showing the products on the site.

• While we eliminate the background & mannequin from the allure, it draws out the distraction & makes the garment the center of attraction. Consequently, online customers can detect the products in a superior manner.

• Appeal retailers enlist models during photograph shoot. They require to spend a large number of dollars on it. Then again, the service of a ghost mannequin saves the organization from spending lots of money & time on real models.

• While showing the attire on the e-commerce site with the effect of the invisible mannequin, it displays a neutral massage. Accordingly, you can display the pictures to any gathering of crowds. If you show the products with a model it gets hard to keep up neutrality.

• Consistency all through the website & list of products is significant. Ghost mannequin visuals assist you with keeping up the display of product comparable across the spots where you need to show them. It keeps the consideration of the crowd on the product & furthermore, avoids interruption.


What is the effect of the ghost mannequin?
This effect is used in the products for showing them without the dummy in apparel photoshoot. When we utilize this method, it generates a spooky effect. Hence, we call it like this.

What is flat lay photography?
It is an alternative method for model photography or a ghost mannequin. In this procedure, the garment product is laid down on a flat surface & then photoshoot with an expert photographer under proper lighting.

How many pictures can you edit per day?
Whatever the complication, we can alter 2000+ pictures per day for the ghost mannequin. If you need only the service of the image cut out, then we can work on 5000+ pictures each day.

What do you require to give this service?
We require a photo of the product with the mannequin. We also require the image of the product independently from where we can cut out the missing portion necessary to create the ghostly effect. For the 3D impact, we require multiple pictures of the product from different angles.

Can I get a free trial before placing the order?
We are always ready to give you a free trial to boost your trust in us. Just drop your pictures & get delivery within hours. You may check our quality of service & responsiveness before making your decision.

Why neck joint service from MAX Clipping Path?
Here at CMAX Clipping Path, we guarantee ideal looking apparel photos by giving the best service of the neck joint. Apart from eliminating the dummy, we give extra retouching, & shadow service if requests. We have a group of 400+ photograph editors & picture manipulators who are serving the customers day & night. hence, we are not worried about the volume of the work. We can deliver your work even you have a mass order.

CCPL is giving the service of neck joint and other photograph altering across the line. Presently, our service stretches out to the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, & numerous other European nations. If you have any doubt with respect to our organization and capacity, please feel free to reach us.

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