Image Masking

Image Masking Service:

In today's era, the service of image masking is one of the most important & famous services in graphic design. Nowadays, more than forty percent of online customers need this image masking service to look at their products on a consistent & transparent background hence, we call this important. An eventful photographer can't generate all his pictures on a white background. If you are searching for the best service for image masking, then you are at the right place. Working with MAX Clipping Path can save your time & you can focus on developing your business. we work on photoshop image masking.

Image Masking Service at MAX Clipping Path:

What is image masking?

Layer masking or image masking is a strategy of photo editing that is applied to hide some parts or expose some parts of a picture. The clipping path is basically utilized for removal of background & if the picture has complicated soft edges, many turns, curves, & outlines, this is where the layer masking is required. It requires to be selected in more detail when the subject is smoke, fur, feathers, human hair, highlights, flames, chiffon, blanket, muslin, glasses, & lighting. Therefore, we use the service of image masking for greater accuracy.

Who requires this service?

Removal of background is necessary before uploading the pictures on the website of e-commerce. Image masking makes the life of the photo editors easy while working with a project which has furry elements. Hence, the business owners of e-commerce require this service to get their product pictures as per the standards of the industry. Studios of photography need service of masking & clipping path for their customers or clients.

As they have a huge amount of pictures to get process, they find it difficult to deliver on time to their clients. Art directors always keen to look for pleasing pictures with utmost perfection. Publishing houses also need the service of masking for artistic & creative images for offline & online uses. we are always online for image masking.

Types of Masking Services We Provide:

Alpha channel masking-
It is another method to neglect background from complicated objects where the basic or simple cut out technique can't be applied. Alpha channel is a good technique for correcting the brightness, color, exposure, or contrast of the object after the removal of the background is done.

Hair & fur masking-
Fur & hair have basically soft edges that possibly can't be separated with the help of a selection tool. Image masking is the method that can be applied by ourselves to neglect the objects from the background with these edges.

Translucent object masking-
A translucent object allows you to see through it partially. Its visibility is less as compared to a transparent object but more than an opaque object. Hence, it is also a complicated job to neglect background from products like wax paper, vegetable oil, sunglasses, frosted glass & many more.

Transparent object masking -
Removal of background is very tricky from transparent objects. You can look through objects like water, spectacles, & glass. We can remove the irregularity from the transparent portion of the object & give it a natural look.

Photoshop refine edge masking -
You can see some irregularity near the edges when you place the cut-out object in a new background. We may superimpose any element & can maintain the natural flavor on a changed background with the help of refine edge masking method of Photoshop.

Layer masking-
With the help of the Photoshop layer masking technique, we can hide unwanted portions of a layer of the photo. It can generate artistic & creative results separated by dark shades with different layers.

Benefits of Photo Masking:

• The service of Photoshop masking enables us to neglect background from complicated elements like hair, fur, & tree.

• The technique of image masking makes it possible to preserve every piece of an object from the original picture.

• Photoshop masking is the best choice for removing the background of translucent or transparent elements.

• The technique of image masking makes it possible to edit huge batches of complicated pictures. It can save lots of time.

Why Us?

MAX Clipping Path offers a broad variety of professional services of image masking to its respected customers or clients. To separate products with natural soft edges from the background, we use graphic tablets. With the help of this technique, we can precisely blend the soft & hard regions of the image. We utilize our creativity to get the preferred output. We always prefer to track multiple approaches. Apart from clipping & masking, we may apply multiple actions like background removal tool, manual clipping path, color separation tool, & many more.

There are a lot of reasons that have made us not quite the same as others. We have an exceptional team of graphic designers with more than 10 years of experience who are managing super complicated projects. Furthermore, we have an in-house training office where we used to train our designers so they may keep pace with the most recent changes in this organization. We provide 24 X 7 customer or client support, three-stage of quality checking, & the competitive costs are the explanations behind hundreds of returning cheerful customers. Please get in touch with us or request a free trial if you still have any doubt.


Is it possible to neglect the background with soft edges from the products?

Yes, we can neglect backgrounds from the products like hair, blanket, fur, & so on by using this technique. A basic or simple clipping path method will not suit these.

Is image masking a complicated job?

The masking of the image is an alternative sometimes for generating a clipping path that is used for furry objects. It is somehow complicated & needs the experience to achieve the preferred quality.

What are the objects that need this service for neglecting the background?

Fur, hair, & furry animals have soft edges. Hence, neglecting background from these elements needs a technique of Photoshop masking. On the other hand, translucent or transparent products like glass, water, spectacle, wax paper, glass jar, or oil need this method to neglect the background completely & make them natural.

How can I be sure that you can handle my project?

You may send us some samples if you want 100% surety about our quality & capacity. We also provide a free trial. You are free to make your decision based on the quality of our service & work.