Multi Path


Multiple clipping path is regarded as one of the fundamental and popular tool for different types of image processing and editing services. This technique can serve from basic to detailed image editing tasks such as retouching, recoloring, replacing a segment of the target image, resizing and so on. Multi clipping path is widely used for product display in e-commerce platforms.


Multiple Clipping Path, or 'multi path' is a commonly used technique for clipping path in image processing. This technique uses multiple paths while clipping an image. Professionals often use the pen tool to create the paths while working in Adobe Photoshop. In practice, this technique is more arduous than the simple or basic image clipping path techniques.

Let's consider an example, in case a photograph model needs to fly to Africa for a photography session. This thing would cost a fortune for the business to arrange the flight. A professional can help resolving the issue with multi path technique. The editor needs to take a random picture of the model in the local area. Now the editor will replace the photo of the model in the target photo taken in Africa. In this technique, you can also change the background, add or remove objects as necessary, change the colour of the cloths if you know how to use multi path technique effectively. You can get your job done at minimum cost comparing arranging actual flight to Africa with the photograph model.


If you own an online jewellery business, then you often require different forms of jewellery retouching services. Using multiple clipping path process will allow you to change each of the stone and give your desired look.

Similarly, if you own any online based studio, brand shop or photography agency, then editing bulk image files may be your everyday work. In such cases, you may need to use multiple clipping path techniques to select the portions of the work, you want to change. Different image editing services like neck joint, jewellery retouching or ghost manipulation etc. require multiple clipping path too often.

Advantages of Multiple Clipping Path Service

• Professionals use Multi clipping path for different forms of filling effect in different parts of the image. One can select different paths for varying portions of the image to showcase the required part.

• You can manipulate different segments of a complex object such as Jewellery.

• You can also merge different segments of images. For instance, you simply can exchange or replace a part of an image with similar part of another image.

• You can intuitively change the tone, shade and color for different parts of an image.

• You can also edit images having multiple subjects in the background as per your choice.

FAQ Section

1. What is the differences between generic clipping and multi clipping service?
In practice, generic clipping and multi clipping share similarity in many aspects. Our handpicked professionals will decide whether to choose generic clipping or multi clipping assessing the demand of the project.

2. What image editing techniques require multi path service?
If you require some advanced level image editing services such as retouching, recoloring or image manipulation, probably you may need multi clipping services. When you need to interact with different objects of the same picture, you may need to create individual lines and path for each of the object.

3. How much multi clipping cost?
Our basic multiple clipping path service starts from $5. Based on your requirements and complexity of the job, the cost may vary.

4. What happens if I am not satisfied with the service?
We value your requirements and satisfaction. If you need further changes, you may ask for rework before accepting.

5. What payment policy do you offer?
We will provide invoice after you accept the work. We accept MasterCard, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

6. Why you will select us for your desired multi clipping path service?
We are offering high quality multiple clipping path service at affordable pricing. With dedicated professionals and support team, we can understand your requirements better. We can offer you the best image manipulation and editing services in the marketplace. Our strong client base justifies our claims through their reviews. You are always welcome to subscribe for free trial before placing an order.

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