Shadow Service

Shadow Service

Forms of drop shadow enhance the quality of an image giving it a fresh look. Shadow services ensure natural look and visibility for the images. Normally in photoshoot, shadow exists naturally. Sometimes, you may want to manipulate the nature of shadow to make the photo more appealing and attractive. Shadow services provide you with increased opportunity to play with the colors of the photo and give it a crisp look. we have a team of good designer to work on photoshop shadow service. photoshop shadow is awesome when it comes to look at. we use shadow effect photoshop to make shadow. photoshop drop shadow is a visual effect consisting of a drawing element and design it.

Shadow Service at MAX Clipping Path

What is Shadow Effect?

Shadow effect is a visual effect which can be manipulated using different forms of photo editing software. Shadow effects can render more realistic and fresh look to an image by ensuring better quality of the image. Most photographs come with natural shadow and lighting. With our shadow service, you can manipulate with the nature of the photo. Post processing of the images require multiple improvement of the overall quality of the images.

Forms of Shadow Services

• I. Existing or Natural Shadow Experts try to keep the natural lighting of the photo in this process. If you want change the background of a photo, you will also change the natural shadow and lighting associated with that part of the photo. To ensure proper retention of the natural lighting and shadow, the editor needs to work on the photo to make it more natural. In this service, you will get original and naturally crisp photos.

• II. Floating or Reflection Shadow Our photo editors perform this service when the clients want to keep the product on different clean surfaces like glass. In this setting, we see the reflection of the product so it creates an illusion that we are seeing the reflection of the image. This service complies with the market standard ensuring you with best quality service.

• III. Drop Shadow Drop shadow serves you with a realistic impression of the photo. In this setting, viewers feel like the objects or the products are floating above the shadow beneath it. Drop shadow serves you with premium look and appearance of the original photo. In terms of showcasing products in e-commerce platform, this service provides you with best quality service. Techniques and strategies are used to ensure improved quality for the images in this setting.

• IV. Castaway Shadow In case we cast light on objects, we often see slanted shadow that falls behind it. This is known as castaway shadow. When the users or clients ask for developing natural shadow for large objects or human being, experts render this technique as more practical approach. In Photoshop, experts can easily create castaway shadow to serve with the best techniques and results.

Who needs Image Shadow Service?

E-commerce retailers and businesses need image shadow services to showcase their products more effectively. To ensure a livelier, realistic and attractive image, users often ask for detailed image shadow service. Our expert image artists can give you the desired outcome in adjustable timing. Photographers and photography agencies also need different forms of image shadow service to provide service within the industry. Sometimes, an expert photographer often fail to ensure the subtle details on an image capturing all the details. In those situations, users may take image shadow service to showcase their photos.

When to use Image Shadow Service?

• When the editors clear the background by engaging clipping path, the overall texture of the image becomes flat. To enrich the picture with enhanced color and quality, we need to add color and curved shadow to make the image more natural.

• When the color and background of the image share the same color, applying shadow effect can improve the quality and visual appeal of the image. Experts can make the image more vivid in this manner.

• When the online retailers display their products in the online sites, they need to create clear differentiation among the items. By applying proper shadow in the picture, they can avail quality pictures.

• Shadow service also can enhance the context and texture of the overall image. In this way, the overall intention of the photographer can be reflected.

• If the clients want to keep the primary shadow effect on the image after post processing services, they may need to adopt shadow service to gain the original shadow.

Adding Drop Shadow Effect in Photoshop

In Photoshop, you need to create multiple clipping path around the object so that you can control the texture and color of the product. Different steps involved with shadow service in Photoshop are -

1. Create a new layer and move it to the bottom of the layer tray. Apply white background to the newly created layer. Select the object or product with Photoshop pen.

2. Apply a mask on the object. Select drop shadow box to adjust the shadow level and styling in the image.

3. Finally, you need to adjust the angle of lighting. Pull out the mask and flatten the layers.

There you go - You have successfully applied drop shadow effect in Photoshop!

Benefits of Drop Shadow Service

• You can avail natural look for the product image. Removing the background, can make the overall image look flat. Using drop shadow service, you can improve overall color and highlight.

• E-commerce businesses need to apply different shadow services to showcase their products in a more visually appealing manner.

• You can also use this technique for offline product display. You can use different shadow techniques for the image catalogues.

• You can also adopt different shadow techniques for texts and logos so that e-commerce businesses can be converted into increased sale.


• I. Why Shadow Service is important?
Users adopt different shadow services to give the images realistic look. Using the shadow service, you can make visually attractive and natural looking pictures.

• II. What are the types of Shadow Service?
Apart from drop shadow technique, cast away shadow, natural shadow, mirror effect and reflection strategies are also used for Shadow service.

• III. How much time needed for Shadow Service?
With our professionals and experts, you can get your work within the required time frame. We assure best quality at affordable rates.

• IV. What if I ask for amendment?
We value your satisfaction most. You can always ask for rework till you are satisfied with our services.

• V. What tools are used for Shadow Service?
We sue multiple tools in Adobe Photoshop to give you enriched shadow service. Our experts understand your needs so that you can get best quality services from us.

Why Choose MAX Clipping Path for Shadow Service?

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