Clipping Path

Clipping Path Service:

For all kinds of services of photo editing, image cut out is the ultimate action. Choosing the best clipping path service is very important if you want your customers or clients to love your images & also make buying decisions. We generate hand-drawn clipping paths at MAX Clipping Path to guarantee clean edges. Consequently, it results in realistic & natural-looking images by extracting the element or product from the raw image. we use photoshop to do clipping path, we are the best photoshop clipping path service provider. photoshop clipping path is the best way to see in.

Types of Clipping Path:

• Basic/Simple Clipping Path
• Compound Clipping Path
• Super Complex Clipping Path
• Complex Clipping Path

Basic/simple Clipping Path Service:

For the primary level of clipping path service, a basic or simple clipping path is used. The basic or simple clipping path is applied for a product that is straight, small curved, round, or rectangular which has a minimum number of holes or no hole is there. The simple clipping path requires a single path. It is the cheapest clipping path that needs less effort. This can be applied to products of e-commerce like a spoon, framed art, ball, mobile phone, ring, plate, book, egg, & so on.

Compound Clipping Path Service:

The compound clipping path is applied to those products which have multiple curves & multiple holes hence it is tough to create a simple clipping path. The amount of anchor points is thus greater as compared to the basic clipping path. The services of compound clipping path are applied to products which comprise group watches, group rings, group shoes, pair of shoes, motor parts, & so on.

Super Complex Clipping Path Service:

In a super complex clipping path, the most innovative level of complexity is needed for handling. This super complex clipping path service is basically applied to a broad range of products that has multiple numbers of curves, fence, holes, complexity, horizontal, & vertical zigzag design. These require a large number of paths & anchor points. Products like multiple fences, group photos, dolls, furry dolls, building fate, & so on needing a super complex clipping path.

Complex Clipping Path Service:

A complex clipping path is generally applied for images where it is difficult to generate a path. A large number of anchor points is required to get it done. Some examples of product images where we require the service of a complex clipping path are chain, neckless, furniture, furry doll jewelry, bracelets, & many more.

The Three-Stage of Quality Control System:

We are bound to deliver the images according to your instruction. For quality assurance, we believe in a holistic method. Each & every member is responsible in terms of quality in our company. For us, your instruction is like the bible. After the completion of the job, we don't deliver directly the files to you. First of all, the images go through a rigorous process of three-stage quality control to ensure that everything is done according to our plan.

1st QC -

When the process of editing is done, we deliver all the images to the QC manager. The QC manager manually checks the images to find out any errors. If any error is spotted, then he reverts the images to the production team so that they can be corrected. He checks all the images in detail to make sure that 100% quality & consistency is there.

2nd QC -

When the QC manager does his work then he delivers the images to the senior management of QC for the second level of checking. Here 50 to 60% of the image is checked by the head of the department to ensure that the instruction of the client is properly followed by the photo artists.

3rd QC -

It is the duty of the production manager for the final level of quality check. He has to keep the priority on file management here. He crosschecks the images with the raw files to confirm that we are sending all the photos to the clients. Here, 100% of the image is checked. The production manager also makes sure that the files are arranged systematically so that the client does not have to face any difficulty in finding the images.

How Do We Draw a Clipping Path?

To draw clipping paths, there are 2 ways;

• It can be drawn automatically with the support of the selection tool of the editing software. People use the magic wand tool in Photoshop which is a good example. If the image's contrast is good enough, then an automatic selection tool can save a lot of time. Hence, we can deliver the work fast if the picture is 'correct' for using this magic tool.

• It can be drawn manually for generating deep etches. The automatic tool may generate inaccurate edges if the pictures are not in high contrast. Hand drawing paths need zooming the image & drawing lines inside the subject with the help of the Photoshop pen tool manually. This process is more precise & it needs more time as compared to the previous method.

As we are the best in providing the service of clipping path, we generate the lines in a way that satisfies the clients. We generate hand-drawn paths to ensure quality in most cases. In case, any client gives us a photo of high contrast like a white photo with black background then we use an automatic tool to make the paths to ensure fast delivery.

Benefits of Clipping Path Service:

• It saves your precious time & expenditure.

• A Professional & expert photo editing team guarantees supreme quality.

• It gives you the perfect image to display on the websites of online retail that generate sales.

• A good product presentation with edited pictures keep you ahead of the pack & pays more.

• The deep etching services guarantee high-end images that are a key requirement for generating a solid image of the brand.

When to Use Clipping Path:

Choosing an object - in the retouching of a photo, you require to choose the object before working on it. We generally prefer to use the Photoshop pen tool to do this.

Background removal - to improve the prominence of a product, you may require to eliminate the background. To remove the background & choosing the object, a clipping path is the best way.

Recoloring - if you need to change the color of a specific portion of your product that then you have to use the pen tool & spot it first.

Manipulation of photo - while altering a photo with the help of applications like QuarkXPress or InDesign, we may require to choose different objects by the method of clipping path.

E-commerce image editing - image manipulators & graphic designers utilize clipping paths to improve images of e- commerce products.

When Not to Use Clipping Path:

If you are working with a furry or hairy object, then it is irritating to generate the perfect path for choosing the object without missing any small part of it. In such type of cases, we can apply the method of Photoshop masking.

Our enthusiasm for accomplishing perfection with photos is followed by skilled experts offered to customers for reasonable prices by utilizing cutting-edge technological systems, tools, & devices.