Color Correction

Photo Color Manipulation and Correction Service

This service involves playing with the color of your image as you want it to be. Expert photo colorists can change, enhance or modify of the photo or part of the photo as instructed. This service is quite popular among varying types of photography styles including product photography, model photography, natural photography or fashion photography. Modern e-commerce businesses greatly rely on this technique to get desired quality for enhancing their online presence by using colour grading photoshop.

Color Correction Service by MAX Clipping Path

What is Color Correction?

When we change or manipulate the color of an image either fully, or partially, then we may name it as color correction or color variant. This is not possible for anyone to get exact natural color each time capturing a photo. To solve this, expert colorists can make necessary changes and modifications by using Photoshop tools to turn the image into a vivid, natural and crisp one. the best colour correction in photoshop. to make change any colour you can use photshop to do that. we have a good amount of designer who works for colour correction service.

Who needs Color Correction Service?

Different e-commerce business owners need the color change services in order to enhance the online presence of the products. Sometimes they are only left with only single photo of a certain product variant and arranging proper photoshoot for a variety of products incur extra charge and time. In such situations, color correction services provide the business owners the opportunity to replicate different colors for the product.

Photography studios, agencies or individual photographers also use this service frequently. At times, photographers fail to shoot the exact color for the purpose. In such cases, photographers require different post processing strategies and techniques to correct the color and tone of the image as required. we are providing the best service in colour correction photoshop.

Forms of Photo Color Correction

• I. Changing Product Color Individual preferences for color make the color correction service too valuable. If there are multiple color variants for a product, expert colorists can create the required color variant as required for the job. The business owners do not need to arrange photoshoot in such case.

• II. Tint Correction Tint correction is a wonderful technique to correct the exposure and shadow level on in image. Experts can add increased white balance to the image keeping the brightness as like original. After the tint correction, the image may look a bit lighter but the unwanted shadows can be removed.

• III. Highlight Correction In cases where an image has some washed out regions or strong backlight, then highlight correction feature can solve this issue. Experts can use the feature to handle unwanted strong sunlight exposure or camera flash.

• IV. Adjusting White Balance Sometimes under or overexposed photos show imbalanced white balance. In such cases, white balance feature can be used to correct the tone of the message.

• V. Correcting Contrast Keeping good contrast for an image is important for the photographers and experts. An image with appropriate contrast will expose the highlights brighter and shadow region properly darker. The overall image will be more vivid.

When to Opt for this Service

o If you want different colors for your product keeping all others exactly same, you may opt for color correction service.

o Sometimes due to the limitation of exposure area for camera settings, you may not get natural light or color. In such situations, you need to correct the picture in post processing process.

o If there is excessive or lack of sunlight or backlight, you may correct the issue or over or underexpose by using the color correction service.

o Sometimes you may need to add desired color to existing image to get desired output. This service can be attained by color correction service.

Benefits of Photo Colorization Service

o Color change or correction services can save your time and money ensuring greater flexibility to the system. o For different color variants, you do not need to arrange photoshoot for multiple products. Post processing service helps in such cases.

o You can easily change and adjust the color of a target image if you had previously selected an unexpected camera setting. o You can promptly change the under and overexposed photos if the lighting setting was not desired.

o This color corrections service provides you with setting the right tints, saturation, white balance, noise, sharpness and contrast of a photo as you want.

o Color correction service can be used to adapt with the look, mood and overall feel of the target image to attain the ultimate reach of the photo.

Why Choose MAX Clipping Path

MAX Clipping Path serves as a prominent color change and image editing service provider within the industry serving for more than eight years. Our team is blessed with 400+ editors and experts who have served thousands of customers before. They have gained experience and understanding in dealing with real life customers so they can easily understand your needs.

We ensure in house training facilities often. Our team of experts are aware of the technological developments and tools in the industry to ensure best quality for you. We have very active support centre providing you 24*7. If you have any question, you are always welcome to reach us.


• I. How this service will benefit me?
Color correction service includes a variety of services such as color variants, color change, shadow balance, white balance, highlight change etc. We offer reasonable rate for these services ensuring best quality in the market.

• II. Why I need this Service?
You can get your desired quality picture by hiring us. This will save you lots of effort, time and money. Our friendly support will always provide you with best outcomes.

• III. Is Color variation and Color Correction same services?
Color variant is considered as a localized editing service, by which you can change the color of a part of the image. Color correction entails bigger picture ensuring globalized and localized action of the image processing. Color correction service make the image vivid and vibrant.

• IV. What if I need revisions?
We will give you revision opportunities until you are fully satisfied with our service.